Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moving On

With the holidays and being away, I completely forgot to post about the appointment we had with Abby's new vet.  After getting some recommendations from people in the area, we decided to make the move to a vet that was just slightly further than the vet we were presently using.  We had received some great recommendations about both of the vets in this practice, and felt confident that if our main vet were not available we'd be able to feel comfortable with the other vet who would provide care. 

The first thing I noticed instantly about going to the vet was the difference in Abby when she approached the facility.  I'm sure there is something to be said for a new environment and a new modus operandi, but I think there is a common theme that exists amongst vets offices that makes it clear from the beginning what will likely go on.  But when Abby was inside of the building she easily settled on her mat and was fine just chilling there.  Even when she was called into the exam room she wasn't anxious upon seeing the table, which was a definite departure from the appointments she has had recently at her last vet. 

Her new vet was so incredibly thorough and kind.  When I brought Abby in, I was concerned because she had some soft stools and urgency overnight, and I was worried that another episode had kicked off.  The new vet took great care in understanding fully the issues Abby has had and what we've done as pet parents to investigate the source of these issues. 

During that appointment we came up with a great game plan to try Pepcid twice daily half an hour before Abby's meal to see if that aids with digestion.  Additionally we scheduled an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't a blockage or other structural problem going on. 

On the day of the ultrasound, Abby was a bit nervous to enter the building.  Now perhaps that is because I was nervous about the appointment and she sensed that.  I've never been one to notice Abby's sensitivity to her environment, but that doesn't mean that she isn't.  While I was trying to talk Abby into coming up the steps for the vet, we saw a woman leaving who very clearly was anxious.  Abby is not one for greeting strangers.  She is very shy and typically likes to approach people after they've ignored her.  But Abby saw this woman and instantly went up the stairs and approached her to greet her.  The woman looked at Abby and said, "Oh are you going to keep my guy company today?"  And Abby sat for her to pet her!  It was just the sweetest thing as Abby gave some comfort to someone who's pet was having surgery that day. 

But the ultrasound came back completely fine, as I suspected it would.  Actually by the time the ultrasound had come her stools were back to normal and we suspect she had a treat that did not agree with her.  I had given her two Healthy Edibles in the two days preceding the soft stools, so perhaps those were what did not agree with her.  Either way she has had solid stools since and we will continue feeding her the Hills I/D and Orijen Red Region combination that has worked for her.  If at some point that diet no longer works for her, the doctor who did the ultrasound suggested Purina HA or other hydrolyzed food. 

In other news my husband and I recently traveled for Thanksgiving and we boarded Abby for a week.  She was so happy to be home, and very tired as well.  Yesterday during her first full day home with us she moved the pillow on the love seat so she could sleep behind it, and inevitably realized she could rest her head on the pillow.  It was super cute! 

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