Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today is perhaps one of my favorite days.  Although we will never know Abby's true birthday, we took our best guess and chose today as her birthday.  Happy Birthday to the best puppy girl in the world!  Although we've only had her for a year and a half, it feels as if she's always been here.  Every day I learn something new from her, and I've loved every opportunity I've had to view the world through her eyes.  Abby you are so smart, funny, charming, challenging, and endearing.  But more than anything else you are all ours.  When we first adopted you we gave you a name, a home, and unconditional love.  I am so acutely aware of just how dependent you are on us for everything you need, and it is not a responsibility I ever take lightly.  Thank you for trusting us and loving us as much as you do.  Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! 

I might have been a little excited for her birthday. 

Cake with peanut butter, honey, vanilla, vegetable oil, shredded carrots and flour.  The frosting was peanut butter and cream cheese.

Someone was very excited for her hat. 

I was very surprised she put it on. 

I even got hugs for giving her a hat! 

And awesome kisses!

How cute does she look with a birthday hat?

She dug right in! 

She ate the frosting first, just like Mom! 

I broke it up into pieces because she wanted to eat the whole cake at once. 

Clean bowl!  Then she started cleaning my fingers - so helpful!

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