Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paws Walk 2012

Today we took Abby to the 2012 Paws Walk to benefit the NHSPCA in Stratham, NH.  We feel so fortunate that we were able to meet Abby at this shelter, and the least we could do this year was to raise some money for this shelter.  We also donated a box of toys and some DAP spray for the shelter on our way home.  Here are a few pictures of our girl and the event! 

It was such a warm day out in the sun.  We took advantage of the shaded areas that the park offered so that Abby could relax and lay down. 

Our smiley girl found an obstacle course that she wanted to stand near.  She would stick her head into the ring from the wooden barricade and watch as dogs went by her. 

Our girl also found a great smelling patch of grass that she rolled in. 

Our Southern Bell loves laying out in the sun. 

Abby saw a therapy pony at the Paws Walk.  As soon as the pony snorted she was afraid. 

Abby loves baseball fields.  I think she secretly wants to run the bases. 

There was a stuffed dog at one of the vendor stations.  She targeted his nose with her nose and backed off.  From that point on she wanted nothing to do with him. 

Although she wasn't sure about the pony at first, she did end up walking us back that way. 

I love her puppy smiles! 

Daddy's Girl. 

At the end of the day she took a few minutes to enjoy a frozen treat before getting back in the car and crashing on the backseat. 

When we got back home, Abby wasn't very interested in going for a walk.  She even stuck her tongue out at me to let me know she just wanted to go home. 

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