Saturday, April 9, 2011

Superstar Puppy

So we got a brand new camera on Thursday night, so I will offer the disclaimer that this post is going to be picture heavy. 

The above photos were right before she got to meet up with Iggy, a Boston Terrier who is just so adorable.  Iggy has had some anxiety issues in the past with dogs, but yesterday he was SO excited to see Abby and ran towards her.  I was really happy for Iggy and his Mom, and proud of my girl for making him feel comfortable!  They played for a little bit, and then in true Iggy fashion he was interested in sniffing the rocks and digging at the dirt.  I walked back towards our house with Iggy and his Mom, and at one point Abby was hilarious.  She typically doesn't walk with other dogs since we only have her, but she did a great job with walking near Iggy and largely ignoring him.  But at one point she became focused on Iggy again because he ignored her.  So she jumped up so she was standing only on her back legs, and she was reaching as hard as she could with her front ones as if to say "MUST!  TOUCH!  HIM!  MUST!  TOUCH!  IGGY!"  I got such a kick out of her!  She really is such a chucklehead sometimes. 

Today was a big day for Abby.  She had an appointment for her Rabies vaccine, and I was curious to see how she was going to react.  Last June she had her Lepto and Lyme vaccines and she had an allergic reaction.  Since it was only her second time in the car last year when we took her, and she had thrown up on the way home from the SPCA, we thought that when she threw up after her vaccine that she was just car sick.  When she threw up a little later in the house I realized she was having a reaction.  So I wasn't sure how she would react to the Rabies.  Thankfully our vet is wonderful, and they were very proactive in making sure she didn't have a reaction and she hung out with them to be certain she was OK.  But for the better part of today, Abby spent much of her time doing a whole lot of nothing. 

Abby spent the morning and afternoon sleeping, and I was happy to oblige her.  One of her favorite ways to sleep is nestled into the crook of your arm.  It was a good thing she got some rest because her training class was hard today, so she was going to need her energy. 

We spent a lot of time working on some loose leash walking, and then some "Leave Its" walking past a bowl of food.  Our girl worked really hard, and she did so good!  My husband took pictures of her training. 

Working on some loose leash walking. 

Our girl did a great job with eye contact throughout class.

See what I was telling you about the eye contact?

Because we were working on Fronts this week, where Abby is to walk in front of me and sit, she kept walking infront of me and sitting down for hot dogs.  I'll take it!

Such BEAUTIFUL eye contact today! 

At one point I couldn't help but crack up at how much she wanted hot dogs!

Up next, Abby's biggest hurdle:  walking past a bowl of food. 

What food?

Abby walked past the food no problem!

She walked past the bowls as if they weren't even a challenge!  Go Abby!

We stepped up our game a bit towards the end and walked with the bowl between us. 

Our girl did so well! 

How many people can say their dog will sit next to a bowl of food and ignore it? 

So needless to say I was insanely proud of my girl.  Throughout the whole class she kept good eye contact with me.  Throughout most of our classes, Abby typically ends up checking out about 45 minutes in because it is as if her brain is too full.  Our girl showed up ready to work today, and she worked the whole class and was eager for more.  And when we first began loose leash walking, Abby only paid attention to me.  She'd look at some of the other dogs in the class from time to time, but largely she was just focused on working.  I love days when we're both on the same page and everything clicks.  She really is growing up! 

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